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Teaching materials

Each foreign language course utilises professional textbooks for both the lectors and the students. They contain actual vocabulary and phonetic transcriptions, grammar is explained in a simple manner. All the textbooks were produced based on cooperation between experts and lectors and have a very practical and user friendly design.

With our textbooks students automatically get a CD with recordings for better progress. Through online learning available for general English courses, students can practise their knowledge in an interactive form.



English teaching materials

Direct Method materials cover teaching of general as well as specialised English. Courses taught through these materials are dynamic, conversational and practical.


General English is taught by using the Direct Method for English textbooks. These textbooks consist of 6 levels. Each textbook is automatically supplied with a CD with recordings as well as with the online zone access.

 dme            cd


Business English courses successfully utilise the Direct Business materials, owing to which students go through various business topics in the areas of marketing, finances, banking and management.




Teenager courses employ a special edition of textbooks enriched with phrases most used by teenagers.



For advanced students we use the Direct Advanced materials. These materials help students to improve their high language level.




German teaching materials

In German courses, materials from the edition Direktes Deutsch are applied.  

direktes deutsch


Online education system

To enable students to learn more quickly, the method includes also the integrated online teaching system for students of general English.  It contains:

  • more than 100 dictations
  • more than 500 grammar and vocabulary exercises


All in all, the student gets extra 100 English lessons.


The online system is designed in a pleasant and well arranged user interface.


To try the demo lesson, click here.

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